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The expression ‘Man’s best friend is his dog’ has never been truer, when it comes to Lee Horsfall. Serving in army with Jack (amongst others), he put his life literally in his canine companion’s paws, as they served together in Northern Ireland, and in Iraq, searching for weapons and explosives. There will be no one who will respect and care for your dog like Lee.GIF 2GIF 4“Throughout my time in the army, I formed a strong relationship with all of my dogs, and the effect of these mutually dependent relationships, will stay with me as long as I live. I have a great passion for what I do, dogs really are my life.”GIF 1GIF 2 Lee Horsfall, Founder of Best Buds.

During his time in the army, Lee picked up a number of qualifications in both dog handling and dog training, and continued to work with dogs after leaving the armed forces. Based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, but offering his services throughout the North East of England, Lee is constantly building an improving his skills, to ensure that your dog’s needs are met, whatever they may be.GIF 2GIF 4